Kim began her journey of teaching dance as a teenager & taught at many top-rated dance studios in Illinois & California for 22+ years before opening A Time To Dance Performing Arts Studio. She is truly amazed at all the blessings, success & growth that ATTD has had & continues to have! Kim thanks her talented staff, fabulous students & wonderful ATTD families for their faithfulness. She has been dancing & training in all styles since the age of 3 in Chicago, IL where she attended NIU & graduated from college in 1990, performed & studied in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, CA & then settled in AZ to open ATTD Performing Arts Studio in July 2006. While suffering from a heart condition that prevented a career as a professional dancer, Kim chose to become a dance teacher instead to share her passion with others. She found the joy of teaching & encouraging the love of dance in others was just as wonderful as performing.
Kim enjoys teaching a variety of classes as well as Competitive Dance Teams that have won several awards in the past 6 years, including Top Overall Score, Best Costume, Most Entertaining & other Special Awards. It is always a joy for Kim to watch her students grow & develop a love for dance. As she continues to work endlessly to achieve her goal to provide top quality dance education in Surprise, Kim has a husband of 23 years & 4 children. She thanks God for His guidance & her family for their support & encouragement, which enables ATTD to be the studio it is today. Kim hopes, dreams & prays to continue to inspire all to dance & share the joy it brings!


Debby_thumbDEBBY DZIOB

Debby has been teaching for 7 years at ATTD. She began dancing at age 7 & has trained in all styles of dance in Southington, Connecticut where she was a dancer in many competitions throughout New England placing multiple 1st & 2nd awards. Debby also studied Gymnastics & Cheerleading & continued competing throughout middle & high school as a Cheerleader & Gymnast. She began to choreograph dances, cheer & competition routines which earned her many top choreography awards. Debby discovered her love for teaching at a very young age & was inspired by many famous teachers she has worked with. Debby has been teaching dance classes & has been a Dance Team Teacher at ATTD since 2007 winning several awards including Top High Scoring Dances, Best Costume Award, 2 Best Choreography Awards, Most Entertaining & will be attending Nationals this summer. Debby also works a full time job, is married & has a beautiful baby girl – Brooke.



Joyce has been teaching for 6 years at ATTD. She began dancing at age 6 & has trained in all styles of dance in Southington, Connecticut as she followed in the footsteps of her older sister Debby (Dziob). She also studied Cheerleading & Gymnastics while she found a love of choreography as well. Joyce was a dancer, cheerleader & gymnast, competing in many competitions & was awarded over 30 medals & 12 trophies in state & regional competitions. She has performed professionally as a back up dancer for local artists, in NYC & at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, to name a few. Joyce has been teaching all styles of dance & has been a Dance Team Teacher at ATTD since 2007, winning several awards including Top High Scoring Dances, 2 Best Choreography & Most Entertaining Awards, and will be attending Nationals this year. Joyce is married & has 2 beautiful girls – Taylor & Ryann, who are tiny dancers, too.



Lisa has been teaching for 6 years at ATTD. She grew up dancing & studying Ballet, Jazz, & Modern Dance. In the spring of 2008, Lisa graduated with an Associate in Fine Arts degree in DANCE from GCC where she was a member of their resident dance company, PHYSICAL GRAFFITI, & had the opportunity to perform works by professional choreographers as well as choreograph dances herself. She has performed in many events including San Francisco ODC Theater & the American College Dance Festival & has been able to work with various well known choreographers. When at GCC, Lisa was awarded the Maricopa Community College Choreography award for 1st place in a group performance. She is currently a 6th year member of Center Dance Ensemble & “Poetry In Motion” outreach programs.


Nicole_thumbNICOLE TESS

Nicole has been with ATTD for the past 6 years. She has been dancing & training since the age of 6. She developed a passion & love for dance quickly as she grew & excelled in all styles of dance. As we watched Nicole perfect her skills & abilities, we were impressed by her desire to work with other dancers. She became an assistant & substitute teacher while also working the front desk at the studio. Nicole takes on many tasks behind the scenes– designing/building props, studio artwork, music editing, photographer, videographer, competition helper, hair stylist, etc…Nicole, as a teacher & receptionist, helps to keep all things working together at ATTD.



Anna_thumbANNA DUVAL

Born­ in Sunnyvale, CA, Anna had studied Dance, Gymnastics, Cheer, Acting and Modeling before moving to Surprise, AZ. Since July 2011, the day after she arrived in Surprise, Anna has been studying all forms of dance- Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical and Tumbling at A Time To Dance ever since! As an award-winning member of her CA studio’s competition team, winning awards in Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop & Production, she also performed in the holiday Ballet production of “The Nutcracker” with the Russian Ballet. Anna has begun her 3rd year on the competitive dance team at ATTD continuing to win top awards including Dupree’s All Star scholarship to perform in Chicago this past July 2013. Anna attends a Performing Arts School full time in Phoenix where she receives training in Ballet, Pointe and Contemporary. As Anna continues to further her dance education, she completed our Teacher Assistant program in 2012. This program gave her the opportunity to work directly with all ATTD teachers in & out of the classroom. Anna continues to assist teachers as well as her own classes. She is passionate about dance & loves sharing her enthusiasm for dance with others, especially our young students. Anna is an amazing dancer with so many wonderful qualities children can learn from. We are very happy to have her closely under our wing & working with us at ATTD!



Kenson has been teaching at ATTD since July 2013. His interest in dance began with a Hip Hop dance video on YouTube. While his family was financially struggling at the time, YouTube was his only teacher, but he quickly learned how to dance and his passion grew just as fast. By the time Kenson was 15, he had engulfed himself in dance. He joined his first dance studio and began taking dance classes at school where he became a member of the Hip Hop Club. With a dance filled schedule, Kenson expanded his knowledge of dance by studying Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Lyrical. As Kenson moved up to master classes, joined the performing groups at his dance studio and school, Kenson performed in various locations around the valley that include the State Fair, County Fair, Arrowhead Boat Parade, Herberger Theatre, University of Arizona, Westgate, and various high schools. After becoming a teacher’s assistant for his dance studio and the president of his Hip Hop Club, he then stepped into the shoes of a “dance teacher” and began sharing his unique choreography. Kenson learned how to instruct students from a young age to adulthood. By merging different styles of Hip Hop including popping, tutting, waving and breakdancing, the movements he choreographs are challenging and unpredictable. He encourages his students to become better performers with his fun & energizing style. Kenson teaches at top studios in AZ & we are fortunate to have him at ATTD!


Camryn was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She began dancing at age 5 and trained in Ballet and Tap. After her first ballet class she fell in love with dance. At the age of 7 she began taking Jazz and soon after began lyrical and hip-hop classes. Once she turned 13 Camryn was asked to help assistant teach with many teachers at her studio. Since she showed such a huge commitment and interest in dance once she turned 14 she was asked to join her studios Performing Company.

That same year she started as a freshman at Peoria High School. There she also took part in their dance performance company called Peoria Dance Theatre and would be for the next 3 years. There she took the advance dance classes as well as the company class. She was very fortunate to be able to choreograph several duets, trios, and class dances. She was also able to join the Varsity cheer team as well as the Varsity pom team at her school, which she still is active in today.

As a dancer, Camryn has been able to perform in many different performances. She has performed in Snow Queen with Center Dance Ensemble, Peter and the Wolf with West Valley Conservatory of Ballet, and many more performances with her dance studio. Camryn continues to audition and perform in dance productions throughout the Phoenix area.

This is Camryn’s first year teaching at A Time to Dance and she is so grateful for the opportunity and already loves the students.

Mariah began taking “Mommy & Me” dance classes at the age of 2 years old. Her second home is her dance studio where she trains in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Tumbling &Musical Theatre. Mariah has been performing for the past 15 years in annual dance Recitals as well as local &downtown Phoenix events such as PHX Suns & Coyotes games, Relay For Life, Fiesta Bowls, carnivals, school events, nursing homes, talent shows & twice chosen as an All-Star Performer for Dupree in Chicago 2013 & 2015.

Competing since the age of 4 in all styles of dance including Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theatre & Open, Mariah has won many top 1st place trophies, scoring in top overall & receiving several special awards for her small groups, large groups, productions, lines, trios, duets & solos. Mariah has also earned special awards &individual scholarships in technique & performance from several competitions & conventions in the past 10+ years such as Hollywood Vibe, Showtime, Spotlight, Move, Next Level withmultiple Dupree scholarships as an All-Star Performer & Summer Intensive Scholarship for Dupree in Chicago 2013 & 2015 & Regional Dupree scholarship in 2014. Earning a special “Intense & Focused” award for her 2014 Solo at Spotlight Nationals this past year, this also defines Mariah’s dedication as a performer & evolving dancer. She remains intensely focused in dance class on improving &growingas a dancer. Mariah is thankful for the challenge each teacher gives her & is inspired to continue to learn & take in knowledge to improve her skills & abilities.

In addition, her training continues by attending a numerous amount of master classes throughout each year with choreographers like Liz Imperio, Kent Boyd, Caitlyn Kinney, Mia Micheals, Ade Obayomi, Ivory & Jenna Myers & many others.

Mariah has completed ATTD’s intensive assistant teacher program & has trained as an assistant teacher these past few years. She has shown excellent teaching skills & is warm, loving & very personable towards her dancers. Mariah excels in her ability to demonstrate & educate in all styles of dance. We are happy to include her as an ATTD teacher!


Julie was born in West Bend, Wisconsin where she began dancing at the age of 3 years old. As she studied Ballet & Tap, she grew quickly with natural talent & was chosen to dance alongside of her teachers by the age of 7 years old. In addition, Julie was winning awards as a cheerleader, involved in Kettle Moraine children’s choir & acted in multiple musicals in grammar school. She has also sung the National Anthem at two LA Dodgers games.

Julie has always been active, taking piano lessons for 5 years & continuing to devote her own time to work on her skills.   She has always had a passion to help others & volunteers to teach Sunday School at her church as well as help out at Vacation Bible School for the past 3 years. Julie participates in servant trips with her youth group & feels it an honor to work with underprivileged children, building friendships & making a difference in their lives. She has grown up in a giving & selfless environment as her family, involved with foster care, has fostered over 20 children, adopting 3 of them as her siblings.

After joining A Time To Dance Performing Arts Studio in 2008, Julie immediately became a part of our dance family studying Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern & Tumbling. She has been on our Competitive Dance Team for 3 years winning many 1st place & special awards as a competitive dancer.

While she maintains her spot on the Principal’s list during all her years of high school so far, she is also involved in the National Honor Society program & the Dance Company at her school.

Julie has completed ATTD’s intensive assistant teacher program & has trained as an assistant teacher for 2 years.   She continues her training by attending a numerous amount of master classes& dance conventions throughout each year with choreographers like Liz Imperio, Kent Boyd, Caitlyn Kinney & many others.

It is exciting for us to have Julie as a teacher at ATTD as she has a heart for children & a love for sharing & teaching dance! Julie plans to attend college for law enforcement and dance education. We are very happy to welcome Miss Julie on staff this new 2015 year!


Racquel Peters was born in Southern California &moved to
Surprise, Arizona at the age of 6 years old. At this early age, Racquel had a desire to perform & was active as a cheerleader, swimmer, soccer player, & gymnast. For 3years she cheered with the Young Champions of America & performed in the Thanksgiving Parade every year. She was also acompetitive swimmer for the city of Surprise for 2 years.

In 2007, Racquel attended her first Ballet class at ATime To Dance Performing Arts Studio. The love & admiration for the art of dance began immediately for her! After performing in her dance first recital, she loved being on stage so much that she began taking more classes in order to become a diverse dancer. Racquel naturally became a part of our dance family studying Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Pointe, Contemporary, Modern & Tumbling. After joining ATTD’s Competitive dance team in 2009, Racquel has been a part of winning many 1st place & special awards as a competitive team dancer. In addition, she has had many award winning competitive Solos, Duets & Trios as a dance team member for over 7+ years.

While attending the dance studio every day, Racquel excels in school with a 4.0 GPA &was chosen to become a mentor during middle school helping the younger gradestudents who were struggling in a certain subject. In 2013, she auditioned & was chosen to dance in a Ballet performance called The Snow Queen in downtown Phoenix. She enjoys all opportunitiesto collaborate with others who share her same passion for dance.

Racquel has completed ATTD’s intensive assistant teacher program & has trained as an assistant teacher. She especially loves assisting the younger dancers on Saturdays who are excited to dance! She continues her training by attending several master classes& dance conventions throughout each year with choreographers like Liz Imperio, Kent Boyd, Caitlyn Kinney & many others.

It’s wonderful to see the joy of dance that Racquel brings to the studio & shares with her dancers. She has developed precise teaching skills & is excited to educate in all styles of dance. We are very happy to welcome Miss Racquel on staff this new 2015 year!