Welcome Back to Class!



DSC_3842We are off to a great start this year! Welcome back to all of our students from last year, and we are excited to meet so many brand new faces as well this year! Classes are filling up quickly and closing already, but we are trying to make room for more dancers as needed. Thank you for your patience as we do our best to accommodate for everyone.

While some of our students are brand new to the studio, we are excited that many of our students from last year are branching out and taking new styles of dance. This will give them the opportunity to grow and excel in all areas of dance. We are super proud of our dancers working so hard already this year!

We have put together a list of first day expectations to make all of our students feel as comfortable as possible on their first day, week, and month back!

  1. Be ready to meet new friends & faces! We will all be introducing new dancers as they join classes and will be happy to welcome them. Our goal is to keep each class together for the year, growing & learning with the same teacher. Classes will participate in our June 2014 Recital.
  2. Be patient with yourself. Sometimes trying something new can feel completely awkward, and this is especially true in a dance class! Even professional dancers who are trying a new dance style can feel like their coordination took a vacation. It takes a few weeks for your body to get used to a new dance style, develop the muscles/strength needed and/or to even get back in shape, so make sure you are patient with yourself as you begin to dance.
  3. Make sure you are dressed properly, are well hydrated, and are ready to move! Be prepared to dance. It is important to be dressed properly so you can dance to your fullest potential. Make sure to bring a water bottle to drink before and after dance classes to keep your body energized and hydrated. Bring healthy snacks (nuts, granola bars, fruit, etc.) if you will be at studio for few hours.
  4. Keep your Dance Bag stocked up. Keep extra Bobbie Pins, Ponytail Holders, Leotard/Dance Clothes, Chapstick, Kleenex, Band-Aids’ and/or anything else needed.

Your teachers are prepared and ready to go! We are truly grateful for another year together at A Time To Dance!