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why we love attd studio!

"What an amazing dance studio! My daughter LOVES it here, she always wants to show off to family and friends what she's learned, and I'll see her tapping randomly throughout the day when she's doing things. I highly, highly recommend ATTD. If you are unsure whether or not to sign up your child, just do it, it's totally worth it! The instructors are all fabulous and very nice people!"
Shiori Ghirahima
Parent to ATTD dancer
"Love the teachers, staff and everything in this dance community.. My daughters just started last month and they are very happy with their classes. Totally recommend"
Yolanda Munoz
Parent to ATTD dancer
"We have had such a great experience at ATTD! My daughter loves her teachers and is always excited to go to class and then come home to show us what she has learned."
Melanie Hernandez
Parent to ATTD dancer
"We love A Time to Dance! Our daughter has been there for 5 years now and continues to grow each and every season! The teachers are great and there is truly a love for dance at this studio. Our daughter loves it here and we are so thankful for the dancing experience we've received! 🙂 I highly recommend ATTD to any family looking for a dance studio!"
Jen & Craig
Parents of ATTD dancer Aaliyah C.
"My daughter loves coming to ATTD studios. She wanted to try cheer over the summer break but missed the studio too much. So she had to come back.. the teachers are amazing!!"
Parent to ATTD dancer
"My daughter, Callie, absolutely loves ATTD! All the instructors have been so kind and welcoming to us. Right away I saw improvement with how she dances. Thank you, instructors, for bringing the joy of dance back into my daughter’s life!"
Parent to ATTD dancer Callie
"When our past studio closed ATTD welcomed us with open arms. My daughter has grown into a beautiful dancer here and loves coming to dance each day!! Her classes push her and allow her to continue to grow! We couldn't be happier to call ATTD our home!"
Cassie & Mia
"We love A time to dance! Harlee has learned so much already in the year she has been dancing. She loves the supportive staff and the time they take to teach her."
Parent to ATTD dancer Harlee
"Our family just loves ATTD! Both my girls are always looking forward to their classes! I love that this studio offers skills, technique, and structure while still making their classes fun for young dancers!"
Parent to ATTD dancer
“I love A Time to Dance! My daughter, Gracie, LOVES to dance. This studio has brought out her natural talent and has helped her grow into the sassy dance she is. I cannot express how much love and dedication they have given to her each day. Thank you ATTD! We love you!”
Parent to ATTD dancer
"We love this studio! The teachers are so invested in the growth of every child that walks through the door, no matter what their level is. The studio is clean and well organized and the staff is professional and friendly. My daughter looks forward to class every week!"
Parent to ATTD dancer
"ATTD is a wonderful studio to learn to dance and preform. The studio allows dancers to grow as a dancer. My dancer loves her dance nights. She’s greeted by staff and has made friends. Recitals are wonderfully orchestrated. Teachers obviously love their classes and teach with respect and perfection. We look forward to years at ATTD. "
Grandmother to ATTD dancer Addi
"I found ATTD through one of the instructors and I came express how grateful I am that I did! There are studios closer to our home but ATTD is beyond worth the effort for me to drive. My daughter has grown so much in her abilities but what has been most important is how well she connects with the different instructors she has had. The amazing ladies at ATTD are patient, kind, compassionate, and fun. They treat my kiddo like family and she loves them for it."
Parent to ATTD dancer
"I love going to ATTD because everyone is so nice and the teachers make me a better dancer." -ATTD dancer Gianna
"As a parent, I appreciate how ATTD carefully places their dancers at the appropriate levels and challenges them to be at their best."
Parent to ATTD dancer Gianna
"From the moment we stepped into the studio and were greeted and welcomed by Mrs. Kim we knew we were in a special place. The care and compassion your child and family receive in this studio is unmatched. All of the teachers are well rounded, experienced dancers waiting with pure joy and energy to begin class. They truly care about their mission and leave ever-lasting impressions upon their students."
Parent to ATTD dancer Hanna
"We love ATTD!!! Our daughter has been dancing here for 6 years, and we are so proud. With the guidance of all the amazing teachers, she has become such a great dancer, made a ton of friendships on dance team, and we will always be a part of ATTD! Miss Kim and all the teachers are exceptional and there’s a reason why ATTD is a top studio year after year! Thank you ATTD for turning our shy girl into a dancing queen" 💜
Parent to ATTD dancer
"My daughter Abigail loves coming to ATTD for the combo class! All the teachers are so incredible and Kim is the sweetest! So glad to be part of the ATTD family!"
Parent to ATTD dancer Abigail M.
"My dancer at the studio is Emery Towner. This is her second year with ATTD and we absolutely love it! She’s made so many great friends and has been given the opportunity to succeed in what she loves. ATTD has brought our family closer from practice to the recitals, and as a mother the welcoming community and reasonable prices make the experience that much more special."
Parent to ATTD dancer Emery
"ATTD has been family since the minute we first enrolled our daughter. We love how caring, compassionate, passionate, and loving everyone here is. My once shy timid daughter has blossomed into a confident dancer inside and outside the studio, we’re so thankful for our ATTD family." 

Parent to ATTD dancer Annabeth
"Our daughter has danced in multiple states, with multiple studios, and we have been thoroughly impressed by this studio! Not only has her technique flourished, but she has made the absolute best group of friends who welcomed her into their family. The teachers have been such a blessing to our girl as well. We looked at many studios in Arizona, and are sooooo happy to call ATTD home."

Parent to ATTD dancer
"We are very happy that A Time To Dance was recommended to us by another dance family! We absolutely love this studio. They focus on teaching proper technique and have a curriculum that they follow. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable with what they do and I am impressed with the coaching and feedback that is provided to the dancers! They do an amazing job with building the confidence of all dancers!"

Daniel Shell
Parent to ATTD dancer